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Looking for tools to build an inclusive welcoming environment for everyone in your organization? Are you challenged with conflicts within or between communities?  We can facilitate workshops that suit your needs!

Power & Privilege
How do you create an inclusive, just environment in your organization? How can you serve people in a way that honors all the identities that they bring into a space? This workshop will help you to:

● Examine privilege and power at the personal/individual level as
   well as at the system/organizational level.

● Identify the responsibility and accountability we all have,            individually and collectively, and acting from that position. 

● Explore intersections of identity

● Identify what happens in your community that encourages or
   disrupts oppressive practices.

● Leave with resources on best practices, models and references to
   continue your work.​

This workshop is GREAT for individuals who have not thought about or are just beginning to think about diversity in terms of privilege and oppression.